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The Skyline Festival will be held August 13, 2022. Visit for more details.

The Skyline Festival is a free annual community event held in Zuni Park for the people of Chaffee Park and their neighbors. The day-long festival features live music, local art, outdoor games and activities, health and workout classes (including yoga, zumba, and a general fitness course), children’s activities, booths from community organizations and vendors, and local food trucks. The goal of the event is to provide the people of the community with a fun and healthy way to come together and bond with one another while taking advantage of their local neighborhood amenities. Zuni Park is hidden gem of public spaces in the city of Denver with it’s amazing view from atop the hill, it’s large sports fields and playground, and it’s built-in fitness equipment. The Skyline Festival creates an atmosphere that encourages people to leave their houses and engage with these public features alongside their neighbors. As our city and neighborhoods grow and transition, we feel it is very important to celebrate what makes our communities unique and to foster a sense of inclusive involvement among our various social groups. The Skyline Festival is one of the many rocks that anchors Chaffee Park’s identity with fun, healthy and creative traditions.

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